Our skills

More than 15 years of experience in application engineering. Yperia offers complete customized support to help you with your digital strategy.

Consulting & Guidance

● Project Management:
● Coaching Team
● Implementation application testing
● Change management
● Business coaching requirement

Expertise & Integration

Yperia assists you with the software solution that reflects your business through the integration, design and development of your tools.

  • Expertise & partner integrator of the Praxedo mobile service management solution
  • Expertise & partner integrator of the CLYD mobile fleet management solution
  • Custom development Windev, Webdev, Windev Mobile, SAS, C#
  • Reinforcement your the development team
  • Decision-making expertise SAS (SAS France)
  • Exoertise & partner integrator solution MediaContact


Suite PCSOFT, C#, NET and SAS (Statistical Analysis System) SQL Server, HFSQL, MYSQL