Company : Méga Dental

Business line : Dental Products

Solution : Customized development of sales system

Use : Application Server

<< This software has become the heart of our sales system. It is an essential tool in our commercial proposal, it has adapted to our needs and our creativity. The ergonomics of this system is very productive, in 4 actions a command is entered. >>

Aline Dumontier – Executive Director


Mega Dental is a French company with 30 years of experience in the mail-order selling of dental and orthodontic supplies.

Mega Dental is a hard discount specialist and is committed to providing its customers with the best prices, friendly customer service, and placing the customer at the center of the relationship, using fully customizable and appealing commercial offers.


The CEO and his teams are interested in providing a follow-up and a means to effectively manage a new form of sales allowing for many customer benefits: tailored discounts, a “subscription” customized to consumption habits, an annual or monthly payment, tracking deliveries. The start of this new service was controlled in a spreadsheet which, with the sales volume, quickly became unmanageable and time-consuming. The solution must adapt to existing tools by integrating web command flows and being connected with ERP. In addition, this new environment needs to support the possibility of crediting the subscription, to follow up on a customer return for example. A sales representative at Méga Dental makes about 150 calls a day, so the attention of the productivity of the system is a prerequisite.


The evolution of the existing ERP was not possible to the point of integrating these functionalities. The choice of a specific development was implicit: responsiveness, adaptation of the tool to the business process, and in this sales context, create custom operating rules. The new software must be integrated
into the information system with ease as it involves deploying a new operating usage that is in addition to the existing ERP and therefore gaining buy-in from the sales teams. Two connectors have been developed specifically for the need. The first to allow the availability of product repositories,for clients, every day . The second is to manage the flow of web orders so that they can debit the contract concerned by the customer’s choice. Invoicing and shipping of orders are maintained in the ERP, as the software sends each order.



• Increase in sales volumes
• Adapting the system to commercial creativity
• Customer tracking improvements
• Flexibility in building the product range
• Elimination of manual management